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X-ray image of knee with markers
X-ray image of knee

RBknee™ (CE)

An automated system for analysing knee X-rays for Osteoarthritis

RBknee™ provides knee osteoarthritis gradings at the level of MSK experts and drafts a template report for faster turnaround
CE mark

RBknee™ is CE-marked Class IIa according to (EU) MDR 2017/745.

RBknee™ is ready to be deployed to clinics and hospitals today
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Grading of knee osteoarthritis on the level of MSK radiologists

100% reproducible


Facilitate enhanced reporting consistency

Under clinical investigation

Enables AI-driven workflow to prioritise positive cases

Under clinical investigation



RBknee™ reliability was rated Good-to-excellent compared to human experts

(Interrater reliability: 0.89 (CI95%: 0.84-0.93) on Kellgren-Lawrence grading. Read about RBknee™ performance in the Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Journal and European Journal of Radiology
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A case study

The clinical impact of RBknee to assess knee osteoarthritis is being evaluated at Bisperbjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, University of Copenhagen

  • Patient-centered workflow
    Enables same day diagnostics for patients

  • Reducing unnecessary MRI examinations
    Only offering MRIs to the patients who will benefit the most

  • Increased standardisation
    Unified pathway for patients with knee osteoarthritis

Serving as an unbiased first reader, the quality of knee osteoarthritis reporting is investigated by the use of RBknee™. Also, the possibility to save unnecessary MRI's is being investigated. See more at https://www.rait.dk/projects/koa
Image of Mikael Boesen
Mikael Boesen
Professor, MSk Radiologist
Head of Dept. Bispebjerg Hospital

“We need to be open to using smart technology like the one Radiobotics offers, to help save time for reading conventional and less complicated cases"

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