We strive to learn what happens under the surface

We are on a mission to ensure every patient receives affordable, accessible, expert level diagnosis by building AI-driven products that can support analysis and reading of medical X-rays of bone and joints
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Our team consists of +30 Radiologists, AI Engineers, MDs, QMS Managers, Data Managers, Researchers, Sales People

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We’re always on the lookout for talented people who shares our passion for AI, med-tech or startup growth — reach out and let us know what you can bring to the table!

Image of Peter Ulvskjold
Peter Ulvskjold
Image of Mads Jarner Brevadt
Mads Jarner Brevadt
COO & Co-founder
Image of Pavel Lisouski
Pavel Lisouski
CTO & Co-founder
Image of
Michael Lundemann
Image of Patrick Hynes-Foy
Patrick Hynes-Foy
Head of Sales
Darren Stephens
Senior Vice President & Commercial lead UKI & EU
Image of Andreas Nexmann
Andreas Nexmann
Technical Team Lead
Image of Nikolaus Knauer
Nikolaus Knauer
Project Manager
Image of Bernat Moix
Bernat Moix
Software Engineer
Image of Eszter Nagy
Eszter Nagy
Office Manager and Creative Coordinator
Image of Rasmus Gøl
Rasmus Gøl
Student Assistant of Clinical Operations
Image of Georgia Werminghoff Pinto
Georgia Werminghoff Pinto
Business Developer
Image of Hege Friesgaard
Hege Friesgaard
Senior QA/RA Specialist
Image of Sébastian Chapmann
Sébastien Chapmann
Software Engineer
Image of Rikke Bachmann
Rikke Bachmann
Clinical Data Specialist
Image of Jonas Christophersen
Jonas Christophersen
Machine Learning Engineer
Image of Steffen Czolbe
Steffen Czolbe
Machine Learning Engineer
Image of Adam Bako
Adam Bako
Data Engineer
Martin Wied
Customer Success Manager

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