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X-ray of fracture with marker
X-ray of foot with fracture with marker


An automated system for detecting fractures on X-rays

CE mark

RBfracture™ is CE-marked as Class IIa according to (EU) MDR.

RBfracture™ is ready to be deployed to clinics and hospitals today
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High incidence

Fractures occur in up to 6,000 per 100,000 population

Missed cases

Missed fractures account for the majority of errors in emergency departments

Healthcare Costs

Missed fracture cases cost health systems over £1m / year in litigation fees
Skeleton with various X-ray markers

RBfracture™ detects fractures in X-rays across the entire appendicular skeleton

RBfracture™ supports trauma readings 24/7

RBfracture™ improves diagnostic accuracy


RBfracture™ suggests a diagnosis within seconds

Clinical trial

Trial showing improved diagnostic accuracy for Emergency Care residents when reviewing hip fracture X-rays

In numbers
Average improvement in Sensitivity when using the tool
Relative reduction in False Negatives when using the tool
Change over time
Shows the change using RBfracture™ has had on reviewing hip fracture images by reader group
A graph showing data for RBfracture
Cover of publication about RBfracture
Read the clinical study made on RBfracture™ here
Multicentre European Trials in progress for fracture suite across multiple anatomies
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