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X-ray image of foot with fracture
X-ray image of foot with fracture

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X-ray image of knee with markers
X-ray image of knee



Identifies and grades knee osteoarthritis and automates the reporting in your language. For sale in EU and US today.


Automates the detection of landmarks and measurements of angles related to dysplasia and other hip conditions.

X-ray image of hip with markers
X-ray image of hip

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Our product installs easily, and integrates into your hospitals PACS


Saves valuable time

By automating tedious measurements and conventional cases


A second opinion

Suggesting diagnosis and reducing the amount of missed cases


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Audited by Tüv Süd and certified by international ISO standard and MDR

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Michael Lundemann discusses the challenges around data protection and legislation when working with AI

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NHS hospital pilot shows the lowest missed fracture rates in 3 years after introducing RBfracture™