X-ray image of hip with markers
X-ray image of hip


Analysing Hip Dysplasia and Impingement on X-rays

RBhip™ is available for research only and is not for sale until certified

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Time saving

Automates tedious measurements
Currently under clinical investigation

Quality assurance

Automated check of projection quality
Currently under clinical investigation

Real time & Cloud based

Automated measurements available within seconds

RBhip™ shown to have good-to-excellence agreement with expert Orthopaedic Surgeon users


Increasing consistency in reporting

A study of RBhip was carried out in Denmark to assess the impact of using RBhip™ for Orthopaedic Surgeons and MSK Radiologists.
  • trusted

    RBhip™ showed highest agreement with Orthopaedic expert staff

  • RBhip™ had 100% reproducible results

  • loupe

    RBhip™ is able to identify key measurements for hip dysplasia diagnosis

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