22/3 2024

Radiobotics enters into commercial
partnership with AI solution platform Blackford

Radiobotics, the leading MSK AI diagnostics provider, and Blackford, the pioneering strategic AI platform and solutions provider, today announced a commercial partnership to bring RBfracture™ and RBknee™ to healthcare professionals via the Blackford platform.

Radiobotics offers advanced solutions designed to streamline musculoskeletal workflows, showcasing the transformative power of AI in enhancing patient care and bolstering clinician support. By integrating Radiobotics portfolio of AI solutions into the Blackfords platform, healthcare providers gain access to more powerful tools for automating fracture detection on X-ray images and analyzing knee X-rays for Osteoarthritis.

Ben Panter, Founder and CEO of Blackford remarked:

"Radiobotics’ solutions exemplify the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare, and we're excited to integrate these advancements into our platform. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge diagnostics to improve patient outcomes."
RBfracture, a clinical decision support tool, utilizes machine learning to automatically detect fractures on X-ray images within seconds. Additionally, RBfracture can accurately detect all fractures as well as joint effusions and lipohemarthrosis, highlighting subtle indications of fractures. RBknee is an automated system for analyzing knee X-rays for Osteoarthritis.

Peter Ulvskjold, CEO of Radiobotics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:
“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Blackford, seamlessly integrating Radiobotics' RBfracture and RBknee solutions onto our platform. Together, we're simplifying access to cutting-edge diagnostics, enhancing patient care one partnership at a time.”

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