3/8 2022

Case Study: UTMB Health has leveled up their X-Ray reporting with RBknee™

RBknee is leveling up

UTMB Health has been using Radiobotics’ knee osteoarthritis tool, RBknee since mid 2021 and achieved a significant improvement in terms of consistency of reporting and has transformed their reporting patterns, thanks to RBknee.

UTMB Health has been treating patients for over 130 years with a long history of putting innovation at the heart of their care. This forward thinking pioneering spirit creates the perfect backdrop for using cutting edge innovation, such as Radiobotics’ AI technology, to enable even better service delivery.
RBknee is a knee osteoarthritis tool which can be used for objective grading of knee x-rays. RBknee gives detailed measurements of joint space narrowing (to the nearest mm) and indicates the presence of osteophytes and subchondral sclerosis. These are very relevant components to assess when grading knee osteoarthritis.
Dr Glenn Garcia, Associate Professor (N-T Track Clinical) and Division Chief of MSK Radiology at University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston (UTMB) says of RBknee:
“We are thrilled with the performance of RBknee™, we get results in a matter of seconds which can be really useful to help us standardize our osteoarthritis reporting. We have a large volume of osteoarthritis cases here at UTMB Health so having a tool like RBknee helps us to keep up with this demand"
RBknee is in daily use supporting Radiology staff and is now part of the “way things are done” at UTMB Health Radiology Department. The feedback has been great, throughout staff groups, from residents to consultants. Dr Garcia adds “It's changing the way I look at Radiology”. He reports that this technology truly levels up his workflow pattern and is a trusted companion to assess knee x-ray images. It takes tasks off the Radiologists plate allowing them to do more in less time and focus on other aspects of reporting. Osteoarthritis knee x-rays represent a significant part of the workflow at UTMB Health and now they have a companion in RBknee to help get through the backlog. Dr Garcia reports that this enables his team to spend more time on complex cases so his skilled resources can focus on atypical cases with the time gained back from reviewing knee osteoarthritis cases.
UTMB Health has set up a workflow where they “batch handle” all knee x-rays in a single setting using RBknee. They find this helps significantly improve the speed and agility of this reporting enabling his team to better meet the resource challenges that exist in modern Radiology.
In summary, RBknee is a trusted accomplice to UTMB Health enabling them to report faster and with more consistency. This not only enhances the reporting experience for UTMB Health Radiologists but offers an even better service for the patients which UTMB Health serves. It has not come without challenges or teething pains, particularly around configuration which the UTMB Health and Radiobotics team has worked hard to resolve. All in all, this represents an important first step in the collaboration between UTMB Health and Radiobotics.