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X-ray with laterality marker with marker
X-ray of laterality marker


A Quality Control tool for X-ray laterality markers, with use cases for Radiologists, Team Leaders and Quality Management Officers

RBmarker™ is available for research only

For Radiographers

Identify discrepancies in near real time enabling you to take corrective action before the x-ray is reported. RBmarker's RadView module is your co-pilot that can alert you to laterality quality control issues such as:
  • Missing markers - cases where you have simply forgotten to add a digital or lead marker to the X-ray

  • Marker Mismatch - highlight cases where RBmarker has identified possible mismatches between the laterality of the image and the marker used

For Team Leads

Identify marker discrepancies across your department. RBmarker's TeamView module enables you to have visibility of any discrepancies occuring as part of your team, giving you real time insights into cases as they occur enabling you to:
  • Have an overview of all discrepancies within your team which can be actioned as they occur

  • Flag any cases which may need your attention. This feature is customisable based on your needs.

For Quality Management Leads

Gain an overview of quality assurance in your clinic. RBmarker's QualityView gives you all the information at your finger tips to evaluate quality improvement efforts for marker detections as well as:
  • Overview of areas of excellence as well as highlighting areas which may need an intervention

  • Monitor trends over time

  • Identify risk factors such as time of day, day of the week, location of x-ray room etc. to make data-driven decision

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